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BTC Analysis By LNE

16 hours ago

BTC 0.23% IS TOP CAT, SHE IS RULER OF THE CRYPTOVERSE! And she is about to show you all who’s BOSS! 

Now that I have your attention… 

I can hear you saying it already… BTC 0.23% is not a girl… Crypto currency doesn’t have a gender… And I ask you why can it not be? Why is everything so male dominated? And why when a female does a “good” chart… why are ALL the haters Male? Do you feel threatened by a female? What is the motivation behind that? I am happy to answer your comments and questions and spend MY time helping you to understand my perspectives and why I have drawn my chart the way I have. I also appreciate the different perspectives offered by other traders, as no one is perfect, and sometimes in the busyness of making a chart and trading we miss things. So just letting you all know I look at everything and take your comments on board. 

So I am now going to remove the female bias, and talk about TOP TRADERS in general… It seems when a Trader (any trader – but 2 TOP TRENDING TRADERS in particular) get a top trending chart, the haters tear it down, until those traders don’t return. Is this actually the world we want to live in and the trading community we want to have where the minority of keyboard warriors with anger issues control what happens in this world? Those 2 Authors get the most likes and the most hate, it correlates with status. And both put so much effort into their charts and thoughts behind as well, only to have the haters… HATE. 

One of the House Rules here speaks about constructive criticism, and I am all for it, as i said there are times I am rushed, I miss things, and times when your point of view will be much better and more accurate. 

I would also like to bring to your attention what Trading View is for… and why I am here. (Remember I choose to help people learn, I don’t actually have to) 

This is a free service, I provide in my own time. 

What TradingView is for: 

TradingView celebrates open communication and creative ideas. We want you to express yourself freely and use TradingView to share insights, learn from others, make friends and share the love for finance. 


BTC 0.23% appears to be in a leading diagonal formation (where the waves can overlap) please DYOR. The wave right now is supported by the 9, 21, 55 EMAs and currently facing resistance from the 100EMA. If this is a leading diagonal I expect a small retrace soon. If it is an extended 2nd Subwave, I expect the wave to break through resistance higher. 

On the latter option 7800-8100 is very possible, and if a leading diagonal all waves for subwave 1 of 1 of 3 have completed. 

BTC 0.23% has also been caught in a downtrend channel , and has just poked her head out for air, so let’s see if we can hold above. 

Looking at other indicators or RSI is currently not oversold and has much more room to move higher. We have seen the RSI remain overbought and still rise in recent rallies, and at this stage there is plenty of wriggle room. 

So it is my current opinion that we will head higher (maybe after a small retrace) depending on which formation develops ( leading diagonal or Subwave formation) 

So for now… Safe and happy trading! 


(minimise your risk, use a stop loss. Especially in Margin Trades) ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Lisa N Edwards – LNE 


The Legal stuff – I’m not financial adviser. Just a few quick thoughts – remember you sit at your computer, you push the buttons… 

PS make sure you give me a like…. I work for likes <3 

PPS 0.00% and cheers to all my haters who had my chart removed… Be Patient, I have so many more coming!

15 hours ago

Comment: The close up of the EMS’s 🙂 

5 hours ago



Sunday update! Still in the same pattern, we have found support of the EMAs on the 45min chart. Although in this current pattern I do not see us rising here much higher without a small retrace.

5 hours ago
Comment: AND with my BTC pattern…. before I get you all saying wave 1 and 4 cannot overlap…. please research Leading and ending diagonals, I would post a link, but last time my chart got banned… 🙂


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